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Agency Transformation Program Alumni is a year long platform for owners and CEOs of digital agencies. ATP Alumni is dedicated to a group of chosen participants of the last year's Google Partner ATP program who wish to continue to be inspired and share their experience.


What can our ATP Alumni participants look forward to?

3 Business Breakfasts

3 Workshops

2 Offsites

A concessionary admission fee to different conferences


Inspirational choice of topics and personalities from the Czech and Global business environments.


Agency Transformation Program
2020 Alumni 

24. 2.


The Calm of the Predator

Be able to keep an eye on any situation, to concentrate and to control your emotions and emotions of others. Trust your abilities and verify them on results.

Jaroslav Homolka

Jaroslav has 27 years of experience in the development of personal qualities and competencies of leaders, managers, traders, specialists and business owners in a real market environment. Personal development coach, professional sparring partner, author of the unconventional education system PREDATORCODE. Coach of representatives of the Czech Republic in combat sports, co-founder and chairman of SKS Arena Kladno.

24. 3.



Good feedback is a recommendation for the future, not only naming of failures and mistakes. Feedback from different points of view with one of our best psychologists and coaches.

Radvan Bahbouh

A psychologist and a coach, Radvan has been lecturing at FF UK for over twenty years. At the same time, he devotes his time to individual and team coaching, coaching training and supervision within his company QED GROUP. He trains senior management teams. He consults on HR-related topics and creates complex HR projects for companies.

21. 5.


Leadership 5.0

With the advent of exponential technology and innovation comes a shift in the development of society and the thinking of people. Permanent change is becoming a new standard and forces us to develop new skills in leadership as well.

Radka Dohnalová


She is a founder of the international organization for the development of leaders ATAIRU. She has worked with more than 500 leaders and more than 40 organizations in Europe and Japan. She is a recognized author of leadership programs and programs for the development of women in leadership positions. She has also worked in the international business environement, including McKinsey & Company and the United Nations World Food Program.

11. 6.


E-commerce trends &
Strategic online marketing

How to look for new opportunities, strategies and innovative approaches
supporting the growth of e-commerce companies.

Dalibor Klíč + host

The e-commerce Industry Manager at Google, Dalibor is a partner for all the biggest e-commerce clients on Czech and Slovak markets. He is also responsible for several German and Dutch clients. His main goal is to help his clients maximise their potential using Google tools.

10. 9.


Critical thinking / Heroism and a Courage to Change

How to use your brain more effectively so that it is not subjegate to the so-called cognitive delusions and how to reduce your own bias. Thanks to critical thinking, people able to process information better and make better decisions in their personal and professional lives.

Petr Ludwig 


Petr is popularizing critical thinking, redesigning corporate ranks and improvinig corporate cultures. He founded the companies GrowJOB in Prague and Procrastination.com in New York. He is the author of the bestseller The End of Procrastination, which has been translated into 10 languages. He is also the author of the popular podcast Deeptalks with inspiring personalities from various fields. He is the founder of the Value Czech initiative.

22. 9.


The Art of Culture + Google workshop


Tania le Moigne + Daniela Landherr


Director of the Czech, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovak branches of Google, Tania is a prominent figure of the Czech Internet. She is dedicated to educating young talents with a focus on value leadership, corporate culture and children's education within the company 4bambini, which publishes board games about important values of life. She also supports the professional development of talented women and the digital literacy of Czechs.

22. 9.


Digital Transformation

How to search for new business opportunities using the power of CRM data.

Wouter Blok + Petr Šmíd & Vanda Wolfová + BCG

As part of his work for Google, Wouter was in charge of one of the largest and most sophisticated clients, the Booking.com portal. Wouter also worked as a CMO in retail for Coolblue, in telecommunications for US Sprint, and in finance for GoBear. Wouter currently works as VP at Getyouguide and personally consults CX and digital transformations for selected fastest growing Central European clients.

20. 10.


Education in the Digital Age

Mankind has found itself in a situation where the original rules of the game have ceased to apply. To find new ones, we also need new skills that we and our children must acquire. In the current system, children often acquire outdated skills that lead them in a different direction. As a society, we do little to change that.

Bob Kartous


Between 2005 and 2014, Bob worked at Scio, where he participated in activities in the field of external relations, social responsibility and publishing periodicals. Since 2012 he has been lecturing at the University of Economics and Management in Prague. He publishes articles about education in the Czech media (Hospodářské noviny, Lidové noviny, MF Dnes, Literární noviny, Britské listy, Rodina a škola). He is the author of the book No Future: Are We Taking Children on a Steam Engine into Virtual Reality?

ATP 2020 Alumni 


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