The Heroes of the Digital Age

28 interviews with the figures of Czech and Slovak online marketing industry

About the book 

"The Heroes of the Digital Age"

Over 620 pages of interviews with the pioneers of online marketing in the Czech and Slovak Republics who built their own successful businesses from the ground.


"We offer this book as an inspiration to anyone who is looking for courage to start a business, change their lifestyle or change the way they think."
- Lucie Medková and Klára Vorlíčková, authors of the book.


Every story is unique and unrepeatable, exactly as the people who tell them. Yet, they are all connected by curiosity and a relentless desire for knowledge and education, whether it is in the form of an MBA, a course or self-study.


In the book, personal courage, decisiveness, entrepreneurial spirit but also stubbornness and a determination to succeed are met with the indispensable dose of luck and the ability to be in the right place at the right time.

The complete list of agencies and personalities from the book

Abuco ICT - Aleš Janíček

Acomware - Tomáš Fikar, Jan Penkala, Ondřej Klega

Adexpres - Ondřej Sláma, Jan Galgonek

Advisio - Jiří Komár, Radim Vašíček

agentura KOFEIN - Ondřej Sova, Robert Štípek

Publicis - Tomáš Potěšil, Tomáš Varga

Dobrá agentura - Radek Sakáč

eBrána - Martin Semerád - Karol Veleba

Fragile media - Daniel Kafka - David Špinar, Filip Kahoun, Pavel Pajkrt

MarketUP - Miroslav Král, Tomáš Ševčík

Online Toro - Katarina Molnárová

Promiseo - Peter Šoltés

Riešenia - Vladimir Vanek

Taste - Sandra Makovičková Gligic´ - Dušan Vavrek, Lucia Valicová

ui42 - Pavol Adamčák

Visibility - Juraj Sasko

Visibility Digital - Vojtěch Foukal

Volis International - Martin Volek

Zaraguza - Marian Fűry, Michal Pastier


Google - Vanda Wolfová


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