ATTENTION: This is not your usual


"Survival course" !!!
You will experience an unforgetta story with us,

you will never forget!

Survival Course with Mental Coach Marian Jelínek

Get out of your comfort zone for 2 days!

Experience extremely extreme situations!


Get to know and learn the techniques of mental coach Marian Jelínek live!

Experience the unique technique of a "dialogue with your inner twin" , which Marian uses with the world's best athletes and managers for the purposes of motivation, development and self-coaching!


2 days of overcoming various physically and psychologically demanding obstacles and searching for your learning zone in the uncomfortable conditions of Posázaví are waiting for you. You will spend 48 hours with the coach of the most successful Czech athletes, who will personally attend to you for the entire duration of the course.


Special guests at this Survival Course will be sports personalities and medal Olympians who collaborate with Marian Jelinek. Everyone will actively participate in the activities of the survival course with you .


I like people who look for their inner motivation. Love is the most important aspect, it doesn't matter who or what you choose to love.

We do this course for people who enjoy crossing the boundaries of their comfort zone.

⏤ Marian Jelínek, psychologist and mental coach

What has Marian prepared for you?

48 hours lost in Posázaví


Tasks and tests
for mental development


An accommodation you
certainly won't be expecting

Defeating water currents

Exploring caves



Mentally demanding tasks

Individual consultations
exploring your learning zone


A meeting with 2 Czech Olympians


Announcement of the winners

ATTENTION: This is not the usual "Survival Course" !!!
With us you will experience the story you will never forget!


summer 2020 ⏤ Český Šternberk




What will you get?

You will gain new, practical experience and skills for your leadership that will help you to motivateyour team.

You will try the role of a coach who has to choose the best players for his team.

You will meet top professional athletes who know how difficult it is to look for motivation.


Český Šternberk

If you are interested in participating in the Survival Course with Marian Jelínek, do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to meeting you!

Marian Jelínek & Lucie and Klára
P2M Consulting

Expected price of the course:
17 500 Kč + VAT 21%

Number of participants: max. 25


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